About Me

“The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.” ― Julia Child

Hello & Namaste!

I am K004rishna Subba.  I spent my childhood in India completing my schooling from Dehradun and completed my Bachelors in Commerce from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. I was lucky to have the privilege of getting introduced to different cultures while growing up and the travels I believe, is what gave rise to my love for food and cooking!

The word COOKING and FOOD always fascinated me, what began as my Hobby has now become my Passion. It gives me great pleasure to share with you my Recipes that I have created from experience, gathered along the way, as well as those that have been passed down in my family.

I believe that food created with love is a Mirror of our Soul and that is why, I decided to take out more time to follow my love for cooking and collecting delicious recipes from around the world. I am sure you too feel good cooking for your Family, Friends, loved ones and for occasions, there is really no limit to it!

I hope you like my page on Facebook, follow my blog and support my Passion. Besides my love for cooking, I enjoy Design, Photography and Outdoor Sports.

To the beginning of a new journey, let’s cook delicious food which is coming straight from the Heart!

Love Cooking, Love Preparing, Love Sharing!

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